Special Events for Fatcat

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July 15- Showcase in Tucson. See studio for details October 27th – Cat’s Night Out Nov. 4th – Cool Cat Charity Classic Dec. 9th – Winter Wonderland Showcase Dec 31 – New Years Eve

Weekly Videos 2010

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Dance Description Foxtrot Basic (not shown) Open natural Slip pivot Open left Open natural Pivot Cha Cha Basic Double rock crossover with surprise ending Chasse’ forward and back Under arm turn Progressive swivels Under arm turn Open break Salsa Basic … Read More

Weekly Videos 2011

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Dance Description East Coast Swing Basic Cuddle Hammerlock Sugar push Sliding doors Backstop Foxtrot Basic Box Magic right turn Promenade Promenade under arm turn Promenade rock turn Left rock turn Waltz Intermediate class: Open reverse turn to challenge line Oversway … Read More

Weekly Videos 2012

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Dance Description Argentine Tango – Advanced Enrosque Back Sacada Dip Argentine Tango Basic Sacada left Sacada right Sacada de la pierna Leg crawl Carpa Night Club 2 step Basic Open break Shadow position Underarm turn Peek-a-boo with back stop Rumba … Read More

It’s Fun

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  The most overlooked part of Ballroom Dancing is the Fun Factor! Sure, there’s the social skills, a chance to dress up, and a pleasant evening out with great company. But don’t overlook the good, clean FUN . At Fatcat’s … Read More

Welcome to Fatcat

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We would like to bring you back to the days when students mattered the most. So forget about the outside and come inside. The subtle touches and impeccable elegance welcomes you upon walking in the door. The colors, decors, and … Read More


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Arizona Ballroom Teachers Academy student “Go To Gal” Fatcat’s photographer Helen has been a Fatcat dancer since the day Terry opened the doors.  Her first encounter with ballroom dancing had her hooked and she just cannot seem to get enough … Read More


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“Go To Guy” Arizona Ballroom Teachers Academy graduate Gene started ballroom dancing a few years ago, and has been part of the Fatcat studio from it’s very beginning – in fact he helped build it! While he enjoys his motorcycle … Read More


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Administrative Assistant Fatcat “GO TO” guy A part of Fatcat’s since shortly after opening in 2008, Brandon is the “Go To” for many of the tasks around the studio. Doing everything from cleaning to paperwork, he is indispensable to the … Read More


Ballroom Dance Instructor Vladimir  was born and raised in Bulgaria, Europe. He fell in love with dancing at young age and achieved numerous Junior titles in his country. Vladi came to the United States in 2007 and since then he has had great success … Read More

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