Arizona Ballroom Teachers Academy

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Love Dance, Learn Dance, Teach Dance

Love Ballroom Dancing and want to get started teaching? The Arizona Ballroom Teachers Academy may be just right for you. In this 4 semester course, you will learn how to lead, follow, and teach 17 of the most popular Rhythm, Smooth and Club dances. The course follows the approved and industry recognized DVIDA syllabus. It includes rigorous courses with written, oral, and performance exams.

Quarters begin every 4 months and may be taken in any order.

It is a serious program for those who are dedicated to the art of Ballroom Dance!

AZBTA Will Teach You

The 17

dances of the DVIDA Bronze American Syllabus for Smooth, Rhythm and Nightclub Dances and how to teach them are all included:

  • To dance as both a leader and a follower
  • Technical elements of all the dances
  • Musical elements of all the dances
  • How to teach successful private and group lessons
  • How to prepare for DVIDA certification


AZBTA’s certificate of course completion is equal to a diploma from a professional or vocational school. Trainees have the option, act the conclusion of the program, to take the DVIDA Professional Certification Exams, which will be administered by an independent DVIDA Examiner. A satisfactory score will enable them to receive national certification through NDCA

Course Materials Include:

  • DVIDA American Style Smooth Bronze Manual (for the bronze smooth quarter)
  • DVIDA American Style Rhythm Bronze Manual (for the bronze rhythm I & II quarters)
  • DVIDA Salsa Manual
  • DVIDA Night Club 2 Step Manual
  • DVIDA Bronze Hustle Manual
  • BDTC Lindy Hop Syllabus
  • DVIDA American Style Smooth Silver Manual
  • DVIDA American Style Rythm Silver Manual

Additional Training

  • Your tuition entitles you not only to the Arizona Ballroom Teachers’ Academy (AZBTA) course itself, but it also includes the following:
  • Free entry into Group Classes and Workshops taught at Fatcat Ballroom
  • Free entry into participating parties
  • Free Floor time for practice

Employment Opportunities

Every dance studio in Phoenix and most studios across the United States are currently hiring qualified dance instructors. With the influx of new amateur dancers and a severe lack of trained, quality teachers, you can look forward to an abundance of post AZBTA graduate job opportunities.