Dance Lessons

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At Fatcat Ballroom, we specialize in ballroom dance lessons. All kinds of lessons – private, group, competition training, wedding dances, and even coaching sessions for other instructors. Put simply, we want you to learn how to dance, and dance well!

Getting Started

Probably the best way for you to get started and learn the fastest is to combine Private lessons along with the social dance parties during the week. There is great value in learning to dance with other partners, and getting familiar with the many varieties of music and dance found in the Ballroom world.

Private Lessons

Undoubtedly, this is probably the best way to learn. With one instructor teaching a student or a couple, the training is specifically for you, tailored to your desires, skills, and schedule. This is where you learn the techniques, patterns, and style that make you the dancer you want to be.

We have many instructors that are congenial and capable, eager to get you going in the best way and least cost. Some of our instructors specialize in certain areas of dance such as Latin, Ballroom, American style or International. We encourage you to contact us and discuss your goals – we’ll guide you to the teacher that is best for you.

Group Lessons

Fatcat Ballroom is always busy, with different group classes every night of the week. You are free to choose your class and skill level, and they are well attended and very affordable. Check our calendar for the latest listings, but generally they Include classes such as Country Dance, Teacher Training, Swing dance, Latin dance,  and Ballroom.


We host the “Cool Cat Charity Classic” twice a year. This competition is open to everyone, both students and teachers, from participants throughout the world. We have had teams from as far away as Great Brittain competing in this friendly and relaxing competition. The best part is that all proceeds are donated to charity!


We have showcase dances on scheduled nights, and occasionally when someone has a routine they would like to try out. It’s always delightful to watch, and gives others a chance to practice in front of a live audience.