Most of all, you should expect to learn ballroom dancing, and to have a good time: this is what we are all about. You will be welcomed, and invited to dance with everyone there. We will try to adjust to your level – whether novice or advanced. We want you to be comfortable, and challenged.

The Venue –We are located at 3131 E. Thunderbird Road – on the Southwest corner of 32 nd street and Thunderbird, Phoenix, Arizona. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed – we want you to learn and to have FUN!

What is the Instruction Like?

The instruction is excellent, conducted by very accomplished teachers. FatCat Ballroom and Dance Company prides itself in providing instruction in the way the dances SHOULD be performed. We have found that there are many “shortcuts” out there that get you to a certain level quickly, but then become an obstacle to your advancement. Not only does the shortcut limit your skill level, but it is difficult to “unlearn”. We avoid these shortcuts, and insist on the traditional methods of learning dance. They are the best, and produce the best dancers. Learning things right the first time is the only true shortcut!

What Dances will I learn?

We teach and encourage the “American Style” of popular Ballroom Dances, as well as others. Typically, Saturday nights will include music for most of these:

• Waltz
• Tango
• Foxtrot
• Rumba
• Cha Cha
• East Coast Swing
• West Coast Swing
• Merengue
• Mambo / Salsa
• Argentine Tango
• Quick Step
• Hustle

Who will I dance with?

Everyone. While we always reserve a portion of the class for couples that wish to stay together, most students are asked to dance with a new partner each time. This ensures a wide variety of experience and practice for everyone.

What age groups are available?

There are no age groups in the classes. We have “regulars” from the ages of 14 to 80. For children, you should check with one of the instructors

What should I wear?

Most of the classes are casual. Office attire is appropriate, and so is casual “going out” clothing.. Gentlemen, don’t wear shorts, you look silly! Don’t come in “sweats”. Wear shoes; tennis shoes and “flip flops” are hard to dance in, so try to wear a shoe with a leather or neoprene sole.

Remember this is a social occasion so dress accordingly, and pay attention to grooming.

What are the classes like?

• Saturday nights are the most popular classes. They begin at 7:30 pm, and consist of a 45 minute basic class, followed by a short break and then a 45 minute advanced class. The dance for each evening is listed on our calendar . The instructor adjusts the content as he deems appropriate at the time. The lessons are both challenging and fun, designed to get you comfortable on the dance floor and in a “social dance” as quickly as possible.

The class is followed by a “Club Host Party” that is a social dance for all dancers. Frequently you will find partners practicing what they just learned in the lesson. Since many of the dancers “rotate” or dance with a different partner each time, you will quickly gain experience with a wide variety of dancers and skill levels. The Fatcat “regulars” are always asked to adjust to their partners skill level – especially the men. You will not be embarrassed by being asked to dance at a level you are uncomfortable with.

What if you’ve never danced before?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

What if you have danced before?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. But realize that you may have learned differently than what you find at Fatcat, and we will ask you to adopt to our style as much as possible while you are here.

What about behavior?

As with any social gathering, modest behavior is expected. There are no child care facilities available, so plan on getting away from your kids for a while.

Theme Parties

Once a month we try to have “Theme Parties”, where the music and the “Dress Code” should complement the theme. Popular themes include
• “the 1940’s” with hairstyles and clothing of the era. Military uniforms are popular for the men, and – yes – many of the ladies come dressed as “Pinup Girls”. Needless to say, these parties are always popular!
• “1950’s theme” – many of the women wear “Poodle Skirts”; men favor the Brando – tough guy look, just for fun!
• 1960,s 1970’s, 1980’s, even a Disco party
• “End of Summer” – tropical clothing and music are popular
• Christmas Parties
• St. Patrick’s day
• Cinco de Mayo
• Valentines day
• Country Western
• Latin, Tango
• Formal
• Costume / Halloween