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Sunburst 2011

sunburst December 11, 2011

Once again the competitors did a great job, and Fatcat Ballroom took Best Studio at this event.

Of hundreds of pictures, we've selected the best, and you can view them here!

Tournament of Champions

October 1 - 29, 2011Taylor Toni

During our Tournament of Champions we highlight the history of dance. Each week is dedicated to a uniqe style and historical settings. You can see the complete collection on the Tournament of Champions page

Race to Vegas 2011

race to vegas7-2-11 Treasure Island night and the first -ever Cool Cat Classic dance competition



6-25-11 Circus Night



Julie and David at the Circus

Clown Jack and the Ringmaster

6-18-11 Paris Night
Video: Fatcat Dancers


6-11-11   Excaliber / Rennaisance theme
Video: Lindy Hop demonstration by James and Danielle



6-4-11   Caeser's Palace theme 
Video: Ren and Jen



5-28-11    Las Vegas theme, with Live Band
Video: Fatcat Dancers  


SarahGoodbye Sarah!




After almost two years as friend, student, and studio manager, our beloved Sarah is moving to Nantucket to pursue new goals and adventures. We wish her all the best!


Tery and JulieTerry and Julie in Bermuda


March, 2011


Take a look at these fabulous pictures from the WDC World Pro-Am Championship. The awards that Terry and Julie brought home include:

  • 1st Place World Pro-am Smooth
  • 3rd Place World Pro-am Rythm
  • 2nd Place Smooth Scholarship

Leslie and EvanSt Patty's Day and March Birthdays

March 12, 2011


Leslie and Evan Dance to "Barbie Girl"

DanceSportFatcat at the DanceSport Challange

February 20, 2011

Once again the competitors from Fatcat did well at this local competition. Check our the pictures here.

valentines dayFatcat's Valentine Day Celebration

February 12, 2011



     Julie and Ren

     Sarah and Julie

sarah terryFatcat 3rd Anniversery

January 22, 2011

On Saturday, January 22nd, Fatcat celebrated their 3rd anniversery of providing the best ballroom dancing in phoenix! We had a great evening of dancing, student shows, and even a magic act to entertain the dancers.



    Mindy and Ren

    Mona and Mike demonstrate West Coast Swing

toys for totsToys for Tots Charity Benefit

Toys for Tots charity benefit. We raised over $400 and about 100 toys for Toys for Tots! Thanks to the "Dance Time" studio for teaming up with us, and thank you to everyone who performed. The night was a huge success thanks to all of you!

General Dancing Pictures

Show Pictures


There was over an hour of shows; thanks to Double R Video for recording

Thomas and Ruth,
Mindy and Paul
Ren and Laura,
Bridgette and Bob,
John and Linda,
Sarah and Scott
Scott and Bridget,
Julie and Bob,
Jennifer and David
Bridgette and Jaime,
Ren and Beth
Dance time Rumba Show Group,
Helen and Gene,
Jamie and Donna,
Bridgette and Bob,
Evan and Leslie,
Bridgette and Thomas
Donna and Johnny,
Bridgette and Thomas,
Chad and Joy,
Julie and David
Chad and Joy,
Toni and Johnny,
Lexi and Johnny



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