taylorThe most overlooked part of Ballroom Dancing is the Fun Factor! Sure, there’s the social skills, a chance to dress up, and a pleasant evening out with great company. But don’t overlook the good, clean FUN . At Fatcat’s , we emphasize that, from the group lesson to the dance party. And at $5 for the evening, you just can’t beat it!

Did we mention Theme Parties? If you like to dress up, or see those who do, you’ll enjoy our theme parties. With themes that range from “Wild-Wild West” to “Worst Prom Dress”, they can be an especially entertaining night out.

Do you like to support charities? So do we, and this year we are supporting the Arizona Humane Society with some of our proceeds from special events.

If the Social Scene is your favorite, you’re at the right place. Since we are one of the largest studios in the Valley, we attract dancers from all over the Phoenix Metro area. Sometimes even a dance team will show up and put on an impromptu demonstration – for them practice, and for us a delight! As for networking, meeting new people, and seeing old friends, the Social atmosphere at Fatcat’s is great!

So grab your dance shoes, $5, and come join us. Group lessons start at 7:30 on Friday and Saturday nights, and run until – well until they run out!