Salsa and Latin Dancing

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For the hottest Salsa dancing and instruction in the Valley, join us at Fatcat Ballroom!

Taught by Miguel, who comes to us from Cuuernivaca, Mexico. Miguel has been dancing for over 10 years, and excels at coaching his students, bringing them to a competent level, and getting them ready for competition.

Salsa is a latin dance with origins in Cuba. It is usually accompanied by the Salsa music style, although it can be danced to other types of Latin music.

Salsa is normally a partner dance, although there are forms such as a line dance from “Salsa suelta” and a round dance from “Rueda de Casino” where multiple couples exchange partners in a circle.

So pick your style, get ready for a hot and spicy night, and join us for Salsa at Fatcat Ballroom. Classes begin at 7 pm on Sundays, with a dance party that follows into the evening.