Terry Schmoyer – Founderterry
Born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania, he was brought up to believe that people are intrinsically good and sometimes just need a little help to change their lives.  That’s what Terry does… He changes people’s lives, and he loves doing it.  Having a background in Martial Arts he grew in ways he never knew he could and eventually began teaching those disciplines, as well as the self respect and awareness that comes with them, to children.  When he moved to Arizona in 1996, he could not find a Dojo he felt comfortable practicing Martial Arts at, so he began Ballroom Dancing, and after two years, became an instructor.  Ten years of competing, instructing, and the politics that goes with them, and Terry decided he needed a change, and that he wanted to change people’s lives in his own way.  On January 25th, 2008, Fatcat opened it’s doors to the Public, and they have been coming back ever since.  Terry, and the entire staff of Fatcat, welcomes you.