Welcome to Fatcat

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We would like to bring you back to the days when students mattered the most. So forget about the outside and come inside. The subtle touches and impeccable elegance welcomes you upon walking in the door. The colors, decors, and atmosphere take you back to the days when ballrooms were grand, and instructors cared about your dancing. The friendly faces and brilliant smiles immediately put you at ease. The classic professionalism throughout the lesson mixed with addictive laughter and energetic music could make the most novice person an amazing dancer.

Featuring the Valley’s largest continuous, floating, hardwood dance floor where you can dance your weekends away amidst the subtly lit ambiance of a starry night; the cool breeze wisps away the heat of a setting summer sun. Come dream with us, and dance with us.

For never more than five dollars, we have group classes every night, Friday and Saturday night lessons and parties. Our instructors so valuable and private lesson rates so amazing; there is only one dance studio to go to, Fatcat.

In a nutshell, when we say Fatcat just imagine a magical state of being: fun, warm, fun, friendly, fun, happy, fun, fantastic, fun, refreshing, fun, charming, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

We are Fatcat!